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About Laser

1. Choose the Right Location:
The decision to get laser hair removal should not be a spur of the moment choice. Careful time and consideration should be put into deciding on a location to receive laser hair removal treatments. Franchises and places with multiple locations may not be the best way to go because often these places care more about quantity of clients rather than quality of work. Do your research prior to deciding on a location, equipment used, pricing, etc. Places that offer free consultations are desirable because you can speak with a specialist in person and get all of your questions answered as well as check out equipment, certifications, etc. A place with a knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff is always a great indicator that you will achieve good results with your laser treatment.
2. Laser Equipment Used:
This is very important. You should always find out what type of laser (model, make and brand) is going to be used on you. There are 5 different types of lasers (IPL, diode, ruby, alexandrite and yag) and hundreds of different manufactures and models. Do your research on the different lasers and brands; check to see what lasers work best for your skin type as well as what lasers that are highly regarded in the field.
3. Professionalism and Experience of specialist:
Laser hair removal, especially on private areas such as bikini  is an intimate procedure and you need to make sure you are comfortable with the person treating you, the same as you would be with your regular doctor. With this said, it is important to receive laser hair removal treatments by an experienced specialist. Meet with them before hand for a consultation and have them do a test patch on a discrete area of your body. This is important because you will be able to meet your specialist and determine whether they are suitable for you. The test patch is beneficial because you can see how your body reacts to the laser.
4. Customized Laser Hair Removal Treatments:
Everyone’s skin and hair is different, which means your treatments should be individually based depending on your skin and hair type. Choose a place that is familiar with all skin and hair types and can customize a laser hair removal regime to fit your needs.
5. Purchase multiple sessions and be consistent with scheduling:
Hair grows in different cycles and during one session of hair removal; the laser is unable to eliminate hairs that are dormant during that session, thus the need for multiple sessions. Typically the average person requires 6-8 sessions, more or less depending on hair and skin type and equipment used. Sessions should be scheduled 3-5 weeks apart, depending on area, and stick with this schedule. If you do not do your sessions on a certain schedule, you disrupt the process and risk the need for more session.
6. Pricing:
Pricing is important, but not nearly as important as choosing a reputable location, with good equipment and professional and trained staff. These are key factors in the inconsistencies between prices of different laser hair removal centers. Remember, you get for what you pay for. A place with older equipment and a less skilled staff, might offer cheaper sessions, however, in the long run you will end up spending more due to these deficiencies. You also put yourself at a higher risk of side effects such as blistering and burning. Also, look out for specials on packages; when you purchase more sessions at once you save a lot more money in the long run.
7. Aftercare:
When you expose yourself to sun, your skin is not in its natural state which makes it complicated to perform laser treatments. Therefore, we recommended that once you start Laser hair removal treatments, it is suggested that a sun block of SPF 30 or higher should be used as part of your aftercare skin care regime on a daily basis.